Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Producer, Matty Amendola, and his Brooklyn based incubator, 825 Records, Inc., have signed a Development Deal with 14-year-old singer and musician, Eddy Davis of Daytona Beach, Florida. Eddy may only be 14, but he has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has an authentic style beyond his years, influenced by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Eagles; as well as current indie rock bands like Cage The Elephant, JET, and Arctic Monkeys.

Amendola and Eddy met at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in New York City in the summer of 2013. Amendola, a guest counselor, was instantly captivated by Eddy’s vocals late one night at the infamous Cutting Room. “I thought he was a great guitar player, but it was his voice that had something I haven’t heard in a long time. I just prayed he could write songs...and he could” says Amendola. Eddy says, “Matty came over to me when I got off stage and put his card in my hand. He said if I wanted to make a record; he was the producer for me.” Soon after that game-changing meeting, Eddy and Amendola got together at Amendola’s Brooklyn studio and cut two tracks. Eddy says, “The experience was an education. We worked for hours, had a good time and we never got tired of each other!”

As Amendola and Davis work on his highly anticipated debut album, Amendola is doing what he does best, which is crafting the perfect sound with an incredible team; industry veterans and friends including Grammy Award winning Engineer, Butch Jones (The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop) and Mastering Engineer, Hans DeKline (The Pixies, Lisa Loeb, Snoop Dogg). He has also brought in another new talent to help with the mixing, Jake Antelis, who is creating interest in his own right within the industry. Aside from producing, Amendola is supporting Davis with co-writing and additional instrumentation on songs.

Eddy’s aggressive guitar riffs paired with smooth and controlled vocals build to explosive moments of unbridled expression. Running wild across a landscape of clean instrumentation, his guitar solos always find the perfect point to take center stage. His songwriting juxtaposes sweet melodies and driving beats, pulling from influences both traditional and modern. As it stands, his 6 song Album Sampler, demonstrates Eddy’s maturity combining a classic rock sensibility and catchy alternative hooks.

Amendola’s lifetime career in the industry, unique business savvy, and industry wide relationships have already helped land Eddy some major exposure within different areas of the industry including TV - a promo spot on THECOOLTV Network which reaches over 25 million homes nationwide - as well as notice from fashion to instrument manufacturers. Eddy is a brand’s dream and the sponsorships and placements will only continue to grow from here on out.

What can we expect from Eddy Davis’ future? His “real rock and roll” appreciation, unmatched vocals, natural charisma, and burning desire for success all lay the foundation for a massive industry takeover. Or as Davis says, “I want to go play my music around the world. I want to melt faces off.”

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