Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Ent. Recordings Artist Superstar 9000 Releases New Single ‘TURN THE LIGHTS OFF’

Super Entertainment Recordings artist Superstar 9000 needs no fancy hooks or gimmicks to bring attention to his movement. His sheer talents and musical skills have aloud him to build a massive following almost instantaneously. The Atlanta based Emcee has become a huge phenomen in the underground music markets and mixtape scenes because of his smash hit singles "Thunderstorm" feat. Stuey Rock and his newest single "Turn Off the Lights." Superstar 9000 combines the charismatic melodies of Rock and Pop music along with the hard and edgy swag of real Hip-Hop.

To date Superstar 9000's current fan base is well over 100,000 fans with a rapidly growing followership of over 90,000 strong. The multi-talented singer/song writer has been putting in work promoting "Turn the Lights Off" for the summer. The single "Turn the Lights Off" has an infectious hook with very relatable, catchy lyrics. With his new single on the horizon, a reality show in the works, and years of performing and recording under his belt, Superstar 9000 is ready for an International stage. His music reflects his diverse background, his upbringing and his ability to move large crowds.

Superstar 9000's highly anticipated and explosive debut single, "Turn the Lights Off", will be available for purchase on and select retailers byJune 20th. "Turn the Lights Off" was officially released on June 5, and this new single will only add to Superstar 9000's rapidly growing fanbase. Superstar is making an impact with the DJs, the clubs and with his core fans. He has a crazy online presence and always encourages his fans to google him. "If you want to see what I'm up to, or check for my new music just GOOGLE ME!" says SuperStar 9000.

If your anywhere near the Atlanta area and love real Hip-Hop and real Pop/Rock music then you need to come check out a live Superstar 9000 show. Superstar is a combination of Urban Rock mixed with hardcore, true grit Hip-Hop at its best. Superstar 9000 has created his own lane in the rap game, his music keeps the clubs jumping and the crowds always wanting more. Superstar 9000 has an amazing swag, he knows how to switch up his skills from Rap, Pop to Rock.

"Turn the Lights Off" was officially released on June 5th! In celebration, SuperStar 9000 is currently taking Press and Show dates for a summer 2012 promotional tour.

ABOUT Superstar 9000
Superstar 9000, is an American Hip-Hop/Rock recording artist and writer from Atlanta, GA. Superstar 9000 got his start in music by performing in local talent shows and artist showcases throughout the South. Thus far Superstar 9000 has opened up shows for several major recording artists and has also released various mix-tapes. SuperStar 9000, comes compliments of Super Entertainment Recordings. Super Ent. Recordings is an Atlanta, GA based recording and production company.


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