Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Rings Rays Red Shifts" By Skylar Gray

The song "Rings Rays Red Shifts", from Skylar Gray's DIY Concept Album and debut release "An Inch Equals 300 Miles", is crafted and sung by multi-instrumentalist Skylar Gray, and features themes of alien abduction, imperial conquest, genocide, and other familiar sci-fi topics from start to finish with DIY (do-it-yourself) techniques and equipment.

The first part of "Rings Rays Red Shifts" is a waltz, and Skylar's voice reminds me of George Michael. The use of delays on the first part of the song attach to the trail end of his phrases, while the second half goes into a driving 4 drum and bass, and the breakdown takes us back the 3/4 rock waltz groove. "Rings Rays Red Shifts" is billed as conceptual which usually means every rule in the book of writing a song can go out the window, but Skylar doesn't lose you in the outer limits; he merely serenades the darkness. There are great background harmonies throughout the song in the right places. Skylar Grays's performance comes across with passion and sincerity. This is a great song, and definitely falls into the category of "unique."


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