Thursday, June 21, 2012

Denae Gardner's "Welcome To America" Music Video Premier

Denae Gardner, 4D Records artist, will release her new music video for “Welcome to America”, her fourth Country Music single release. To view the clip of “Welcome to America” from this three time Music Row Country Music chart artist. go to or Denae Gardner's website listed above.

The song, “Welcome to America”, was written by Gene Vail, Darrell Morris, and Denae Gardner. Denae, inspired by the other writers, and her own passion for America, and the crazy conditions America finds itself in today, recorded the song with legendary Grammy Award winning Producer David Z in Nashville. David Z also produced Prince, Eric Clapton, Jonny Lang, Mark Collie, Etta James, Kenny Wayne Sheppard and many others . Eddie Perez, guitarist for The Mavericks and Dwight Yoakam, added the signature guitar licks.

The video features “no models”, just real American people living their lives. Denae Gardner points out to everyone that “each one of the people in the video has a very unique American story, and is being affected in many ways by the condition of our society and country.” The video was shot in-and-around Boise, ID.

“Welcome to America was co-directed and produced by Don Tunnell, who also directed and produced music video for artists such as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Bill Wyman, The Spencer Davis Group, Chisato (Japan’s Rolling Stones), Ted Nugent and others. The “Welcome to America” video is co-directed by award winning Director/Videographer Ronn Seidenglanz, with over 20 years of industry experience. He has worked closely with all the major studios and their hit productions, including Seinfeld, Party of Five, and Parenthood. Ronn was selected for the coveted opportunity to be Apple’s Featured Artist, along with an invitation to showcase his expansive and highly regarded body of work.

“Don Tunnell and Ronn Seidenglanz worked seamlessly together to capture the message of the song and present it in a beautiful and natural way. Their approach allowed my emotions, and the closely held feelings of the people who are in this video to translate right through the picture, and into your heart”, says Denae.

The music video “Welcome to America” is being distributed by Aristo Media Group of Nashville for traditional broadcast venues worldwide and by Mi2N of New York City for Internet distribution.


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