Thursday, May 17, 2012

Young Country Pop Star Morgan Giesler Releases Music Video For "Who I'm Gonna Be"

Morgan Giesler is the young voice in country pop music that has everyone talking, as she brings a delightfully different sound and youthful vibe to her music while pulling in listeners with her performance charisma. With a career quickly taking off, Morgan is continually working hard towards lasting success, and has now released her new music video for her hit single, "Who I'm Gonna Be." Always ambitiously moving forward in her career, Morgan Giesler is a serious young artist with incredible potential, and her latest release "Who I'm Gonna Be" has the industry buzzing with interest. Shot by industry-respected insider Patrice Wilson, Morgan's video for "Who I'm Gonna Be" is the perfect way for fans to get a feel for Morgan's contagiously charismatic energy and youthful charm. The video highlights Morgan's strong ability as a performer and her endearing down-to-earth attitude while delivering her as a highly capable and talented singer. With such a bright future, Morgan Giesler continues to deliver and show promise for a lasting spot in the world of country pop music. Be sure to check out the latest from this young star, her newest video for "Who I'm Gonna Be." To find out what Morgan is up to check out the following sites! MorganActress

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