Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Americana/Folk Singer/Songwriter Brian Kalinec's Single "Nowhere At All"

Award-winning Houston, Texas based Americana/folk singer/songwriter Brian Kalinec's single, "Nowhere At All" from his new CD The Fence is a quality song that reflects on living life, and the things that matter - the simple things. Encouraging us not to take anything for granted, the song is beautifully composed and arranged, and features a nice small string section, and lyrical solo violin. There's steel string guitar with a beautiful finger style, and tasteful use of a shaker and percussion. The mix is not in your face, and the lead vocal weaves the lyrics with solid harmonies along with 2 other singers. The female's voice compliments the lead singer nicely. The drums keep it flowing tightly with a great arrangement. "Nowhere At All" is the kind of song that you'll want to listen to repeatedly, and will definitely pique your interest in hearing the full CD. This one is both musically and lyrically strong, and is solid throughout. Email:

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