Friday, February 3, 2012

REVIEW BY CELEBRITY NEWS: "Love Police 'LIVE'" By Cutting Edge

It has been almost 20 years since I have heard a kick-ass party track like "Love Police". From the moment the band kicks in, the audience is pumped and the party has begun. You can hear the interaction between the band and the audience and it keeps you pumped from start to finish. The thing that sets Cutting Edge apart from the other bands is not only did the original version of "Love Police" hit the top 20 about 12 years ago, but two dances remixes by the band and remixers Giuseppe D. and Ricky Ric also charted. The band released the original version of the song and before it moved off the chart, released the Giuseppe D. remix and then prior it moving off the chart, released the remix by Ricky Ric. "Love Police' was on the charts for almost a full year. Now, 12 years later, the band releases the new live version of "Love Police" that captures the excitement of a Cutting Edge concert. The live version of "Love Police" and the whole new live album ("Cutting Edge Released....LIVE!) takes you right into the party of a Cutting Edge concert that is non-stop excitement. Just when you think the band has peaked and is reaching the end of the song, "Love Police"; Cutting Edge explodes into the Ricky Ric dance remix and the party continues nonstop. From rock to dance, I don't really know of any other bands that could have pulled this off and Cutting Edge does it with ease. As my friend DJ Booker says, "He does not know of any other indie band in the world who can get on the same stage as Cutting Edge; they are the best and this live album catches it all". You can capture the whole live experience of a Cutting Edge concert and all their hit songs, including "Love Police" right from your own living room. The Cutting Edge live track of "Love Police" is something everyone should give a listen to, but by far the new album "Cutting Edge Released....LIVE!" is the best live album I have ever heard from any indie band. Very few major artists have pulled of the recording of a live concert like Cutting Edge and it EXPLODES IN YOUR FACE. I do not know of any other 'indie' band that can do a live album that features hit songs that have charted; from last year's "Without You" and "If The Walls Could Talk" which charted on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Charts, to the hit songs "Your Love Is My Oxygen", "Judas of D.C." and of course, "Love Police", it is all there for the Cutting Edge experience. Cutting Edge Released....LIVE" is the ultimate live album that will keep you glued to the headphones for hours on end. Another writer here is doing a review of the opening track "It's Time" and he says, "It's ten thumbs up all the way". Five Stars out of Five on this one! The album "Cutting Edge Released....LIVE" and the song "Love Police" can be found at or on iTunes - Steve Bjork is a freelance writer for Celebrity News and various other entertainment magazines.

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