Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Remus Tucker Band Takes On The World

Based out of Denver Colorado, The Remus Tucker Band is a fast moving bit of Southern Fried Rock. Their mix of good ole Southern Rock and Blues keeps the feet a stomping and the butts a moving. They are a bunch of fellas and one "lady", that keeps things lively while stomping to the beat of their own brand and a bit of the favorites remade as only The Remus Tucker Band can. Rockin! They have played with the likes of Firefall and John Lee Hooker Jr. and have always left to standing ovations. Their influences are many, with deep roots in the South, like any good southern rock band should be. The show is high powered and ready to knock your socks off.. Their remakes of Marshall Tucker's “Cant Ya See”, to Led Zeppelin's “What Is and What Should Never Be” have thrilled audiences and gained a reputation as a band that is unique and in their own vein. Their new EP “The Remus Tucker Band, What she said” is set for release in 2012 and sure to be a hit with the old fans as well as the new. Come out and catch them, cuz it is a feat of sight and sound that will keep you running back for more. At this time The Remus Tucker Band is seeking representation to assist in expanding their fan base by entering the festival circuit as well as performing at other music venues commensurate with their genre. With their new EP, “The Remus Tucker Band, What she said”, and shortly following album, they are prepared to hit the ground running. They have tested their material digitally on outlets such as, and YouTube, as well as playing live and have received many accolades from the press and public. Their focus is to fill their schedule with dates across the US as well as abroad and bring their brand of Southern Rock and Blues to a wider audience. Band Member Bios: Remus Tucker - Lead Vocals - The Mountain Man of Southern Rock, and the voice of the band. Remus is no stranger to fun. Whether its chasing bear through the mountains or throwing back a bit of old Lightning, he is all about laughing and having a good time. His trademark hat and long hair lets ya spot him from far off. Sorta gives ya a chance to decide to buy him a drink or quickly make yer exit. He is lover of old time blues and Southern Rock and this colors his style in most things. You can usually find him banging out some tune he just pulled out of his .. um.. "made up", or singing some Ole Time Southern Rock. His soulful renderings touch ya in a way that you start thinking "Maybe hippies aren't all bad." Uncle Otis – The Other Guitarist - One of the lynch pins of the band. Otis brings his mix of Southern Rock flair and "super slide" twangs to the flavor of this old timey dish. He keeps Remus on track and has a taste for good tequila. So if ya see him out and about, buy this man a shot. Francesca Deletroix – Backing Vocals - Providing backing vocals for Remus and the band. She is a sultry and mysterious woman that came from parts unknown.. She won't tell us about her past, and we don't really want to know. All I can say is that she has the dulcet tones of a dove and carries a razor in her stocking. Jefferson Alligator Garfish Guard – Drums - Gator, as he is known in certain circles, has been bashing the living hell out of drums for most of his life. Whether its flying over the bayou in a swamp boat, or busting out beats in high, and low, class clubs. This man keeps the rhythm and drives the night. Cousin Moze – Lead Guitar - He is the lead banger in this here shindig. His style of jazzy, bluesy, leads push the sound of the band to incredible heights. He's a quiet one, until ya give him his gitfiddle. Then WATCH OUT! Professor Cletis “Underfoot” Norwood Tucker (no relation) - Bass Guitar - The professor hails from the bustling borough of Red's Junction Colorado, home of Red's Cat House. No one knows where he was born because baby Cletis was found in a basket at the back door of RCH. The sign that was attached to him said simply, "will work for food." The employees at the Cat House, having no children of their own, adopted the baby professor and raised him as a village does. From his early days of playing rattle in the cat house band, Cletis showed an aptitude for rhythmic invention. Because xylophone and squeaky toy seemed too rudimentary for such a gifted infant, the professor moved on to guitar. Pleased with the melodic possibilities of this new instrument but unsatisfied with the low expectations for rhythmic accuracy, Cletis quickly and wisely shifted to bass guitar. The professor had found the love of his life.

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