Monday, August 1, 2011

Transporta - "I Wanna Dance With You"

Pop artist Transporta transports you to a different time and place with his new release, “I Wanna Dance With You.” It’s a fast paced, moving and grooving dance track with a great beat, and a nice bass and synth, along with computer generated vocal manipulations to make it even better. The song has a dance hall style without the breaks, and is definitely one for movers and shakers. The track and video have so much energy flowing, that if you’re not dancing to it, you must be comatose.

The video, which was shot at a club and is very well produced, shows everyone jamming to the beat as Transporta hones in on the hottest girl there and moves in, ready for the pursuit and the catch. As he praises her beauty and his need to dance with her, the viewer is taken on a musical journey that is just plain fun. The video also showcases some serious dancing talent, including that of Transporta himself. “I Wanna Dance With You” should be mandatory on the playlist at any club, if they’re interested in getting the party started and keeping it going, that is. With lyrics like, "I like the way you’re working that pole/ The way you’re moving so under control/” says it all as Transporta smoothly lays it down and you dance, dance, dance. The music is strong with a pulse that can only result in much movement and partying.

Transporta - "I Wanna Dance With You"

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