Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hip Hop Resurfaced

Once in a great while there comes an individual who projects his or her own distinct message and breaks the mold of the everyday artist. A product of the Lower East Side of New York's Baruch Projects, Musa Shakir Yasin (known as Sheek Yasin) has a burning passion and distinct style marked by his soulful voice and effortless flow. Standing 6 foot 7 , this towering artist is everything but one dimensional. Musa has the ability to captivate any audience bringing something new to the table every time. He describes his genre as "spoken soul". Sheek Yasin has received recognition from hip-hop icons such as Wyclef Jean, Nas, and Doug E Fresh. Sheek Yasin has appeared in various competitions, performed in many talent shows, has been heard on multiple radio stations, and has been featured on several DVDs. As a solo artist, Musa grabs the everyday listener's ear and takes them on a journey through the windows of his soul with an arsenal of songs ranging from street anthems to poetic tales. Musa started off doing regular political poems and songs then made the conversion to speaking about Islam and Giving Dawah through Music.

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