Friday, June 10, 2011

Video: Cutting Edge - "Without You"

The video “Without You,” written and performed by singer/songwriter Liza Pesnell for her husband David (both of whom are founding members of the band Cutting Edge), is a beautiful testimony to love and happiness. The video begins with picturesque images of the sky and various beautiful and tranquil nature shots, which continue throughout, along with pictures of Liza and David separately, and the two of them together at various ages and stages in their lives. Serene and charming, both the song and video are meant to evoke emotion, and indeed they do. Liza’s vocals, along with spoken word in a male voice while she sings background, fully convey the love that she feels for her husband. All of this is surrounded by a photo album of memories that make a relationship special, and invite the viewer into their lives. While the video lasts only a few moments, we see a lifetime of precious recollections, all of which most of us have experienced at one time or another in our lives if we were lucky enough to have met that special someone. A very nice blend of synth, percussions and flute combine to make a smooth rhythm that allows the viewer to be locked into the video and their own sweet reminiscences.

Cutting Edge - "Without You"

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