Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playa Vs Playa Round 1 - Swurvradio

The video “Playa v Playa Round 1!” is an entertaining look at the sounds and skills of a live hip hop DJ. Bringing his sense of humor to the turntable as well as his talent, SwurvRadio.com’s DJ KayPlaya plays dual roles, battling himself in different clothing and on two different turntables. Bringing back to life some of the old school original music and a little new school as well, DJ KayPlaya bangs out some serious remixes, dancing and grooving all the while. It’s a show to behold as one song after another becomes the stage for the showdown between the two (or the one). While the outcome in the DJ battle may seem to be a tie, the clear winner is the viewer. The talented DJ keeps the dancing tight, and the music pumping and right on the edge where it started and has managed to stay since its inception.

Playa Vs Playa Round 1 - Swurvradio by MusicDishTV

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