Monday, June 6, 2011

Jamaican Musical Sensation Trudy TruDiva Teams Up With The ISSA Trust Foundation

In the music industry, you don't always hear about entertainers giving back. Well, Jamaican Musical sensation Trudy TruDiva recently was selected by the ISSA Trust Foundation to pen a tune to help raise money to assist in their charity efforts.

This was announced recently at a press conference at the Annotto Bay Hospital in St. Mary. Diane Pollard, chief executive officer of the ISSA Trust Foundation says, " We are excited to work with an artist who has an extraordinary heart to match her extraordinary talent".

Trudy, known to many as TruDiva, has been highlighted by many of the musical industry's elite as the latest Jamaican entertainment brand crossing over internationally, following in the footsteps of folks like Sean Paul, Shaggy, Beenie Man etc.

Trudy's newest song " Booty/Party All Night" is one of the hottest songs in Jamaica right now and is breaking in the USA on dozens of radio stations including mega-station KIIS in Los Angeles on their new music program. It is a fun song about a dance craze that is breaking out of Jamaica and spreading worldwide. There will in fact be local dance competitions to find the best dancers who Trudy hopes to expose internationally in her new video.

Trudy is as passionate about getting people to" move" and send money for Issa as she is about moving people on the dance floor. Indeed, Trudy is very passionate about helping kids as it was not long ago whereby she made a difficult decision to forego a full-time career in the health field as a pediatric nurse to take the plunge into the music field full-time.

Trudy says, " by helping ISSA, I can take my passion for helping kids and combine that with my love for music. It is heartbreaking to me that young kids die in Jamaica just because there does not exist the right medical equipment and personnel. I thank God for people like Diane Pollard and Paul Issa who have made great sacrifices in their lives to help others. It is the least I can do to donate 100 percent of a song's proceeds to raise money and hopefully save some lives here in Jamaica. This is just the start. I intend to do so much more!."

Trudy's record company, Oceanic Tradewinds Music, is also personally invested in the charity. Gary Bernstein, Oceanic's President says, " my son Joshua was born 3 pounds and 2 ounces and would not have survived if not for the superior medical equipment and personnel at the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Born in Jamaica, he simply would not have survived. What Diane Pollard and her team at the ISSA Trust Foundation is doing in Jamaica is amazing and I encourage other companies who love Jamaica and Jamaican Music to donate funds and give back to an area of the world that really needs our help".

The ISSA Trust Foundation was founded in 2005 and the presentation of three new incubators and medical equipment to the Annotto Bay Hospital was valued at over $100,000 in US dollars. Also attending the press conference with Trudy and Gary Bernstein was Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, Her Excellency Lady Allen, Paul Issa, vice-president at Couples and board member of the Foundation, as well as many other local dignitaries and health care workers.

To learn more about ISSA, go to

Look for Trudy's charity song to be posted on their website in the coming weeks.

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