Wednesday, March 23, 2011 And Tagur Footwear Partner To Offer Fans Stand Out Design Contest, one the world's most popular internet radio stations has partnered with world famous Tagur Footwear to present Swurvradio fans, an opportunity to design an exclusive sneaker, which will be mass produced and sold around the globe. @swurvradio and @Tagur are both trending international topics on the powerful social network Twitter, as well as many of the more popular social sites. Tagur has made an international impact as a custom designed sneaker producer, with a unique twist on bringing exclusively branded footwear to the world market. has led the internet radio market for more than six years and its brand is recognized in more than one hundred fifty-five countries worldwide. was nominated in 2011 for an SEA Award, alongside Sirius Radio, in the "Top Internet/Satellite Radio Station" category.

"Tagur Footwear is excited to announce its partnership with Swurv Radio. Tagur will be rewarding new Facebook and Twitter followers through Swurv Radio, with free shoes as well as an opportunity to design a pair of shoes to be mass produced and sold around the world! It's better to stand out, than blend in", says Tagur Founder and Chairman, Wesley Williams.

TAGUR hit the streets and open market in Dec 2005 and in the timespan of only one year, the movement received much attention and praise.

"Penetrating the minds and spirits of those with something to express and also those who are becoming sick of the cookie cutter brands with identical blueprints and weary of the major corporations with their multi-million dollar ad campaigns for "limited" mass production and "artist series", is the goal of Tagur Footwear", says the company.

Tagur Footwear is available in Finish Line shoe stores throughout the United States and various stores around the globe.

"We are artists and we built TAGUR not for an artist series rather a series of artists! TAGUR provides you with a new canvass to express yourself on such as we do. TAGUR sets the stage... you rock the mic", says the Tagur website. For more info about Tagur check out and follow the links to their facebook and twitter pages has received multiple award nominations so far in 2011; Nominated for the 2011 A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance, a coalition of some of the most influential DJ organizations in the United States; Nominated for the 2011 SEA Award in the top Internet/Satellite Radio category (3rd nomination). has been the leader in internet radio for more than six years and has distinguished itself as the first and only station to have a "Clean" rotation From 6am to 6pm as well as "Uncut" from 6pm to 6am.

Swurvradio is a fully licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange Internet Radio Station as well as a featured station on iTunes; Nokia; and a four-time "Editor's Pick" on Microsoft's, "Windows Media" internet radio channel.

Over a 6 year period, has grown to create an online home for both Independent and Major-label artists seeking to increase listener-ship and viral exposure. is dedicated to becoming the #1 Internet-radio destination for listeners of Hip-Hop, R&B Classic Hits and Top 40. Serving as the home for critically acclaimed DJ's and legendary personalities, the SWURVRADIO DJ's convene to identify and support the music industry's next mega-star.

"We have a unique opportunity by partnering with Tagur Footwear, to continue as the tip of the spear for the Internet Radio medium. What an exciting way to expose our fans and listeners to a unique fashion statement, as well as thank them with an opportunity to gain an exclusive high-end product. and Tagur Footwear, with this promotion, will be doing what others only talk about, give back to the fans and listeners", says CEO Ivan May aka Osiris.

Second home to many of the radio industry's major market DJ's,, looks to continue its leadership role in the internet market and welcome's it newest product partner Tagur Footwear, as an addition to its role as a taste maker and fan advocate.

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