Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joint One Radio, Tokyo Hosts Video And Audio Message Center To Connect Japan's Families

Japan's far reaching radio show, Joint One Radio on INTERFM 76.1, has opened its website to host video and audio messages from relatives and friends outside of Japan to their friends and relatives trapped in the chaos stricken areas of the country. Joint One Radio, who's offices neighbor the Tokyo Tower, has its staff fielding inbound calls and attempting to fulfill contact requests for those outside of Japan to citizens and residents all over the country. While much of Japan's communication ability is strained or disabled, Tokyo remains capable of assisting those both inside and out of the Country to establish some type of communication via the Internet and limited land-line services.

Joint One Radio has suspended all of its music video and music promotional activities to host video and audio contacts to citizens inside of Japan from other parts of the world. On-air personality, Joey Slick has been providing text updates from Tokyo via the Joint One Website as well as up to the minute updates on his personal Facebook page.

Those wishing to use the Joint One Radio website to upload video or audio messages may do so by attaching their MP4 or .MOV/.WMV files or their MP3 files to an email to Joint One will post the video on its home page and will host the MP3 files under a separate heading. Joint One on-air personalities are also available to assist with disseminating on-site information from Tokyo to outside agencies seeking information.

Please support the people of Japan with your video and audio messages, donations may be made through the Red Cross.

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