Wednesday, October 21, 2009

C.W. Ross Review: Kirsten DeHaan - Thorns On A Crown


Artist: Kirsten DeHaan
Title: Thorns On A Crown EP
Style: Alt Rock/ Singer Songwriter
Label: SirLady Records
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

The year 2004 was when Kirsten DeHaan first started to make her mark on the Indie music scene with the release of her debut album, Conform. DeHaan also started the New York Indie Rock Launch in 2006 to bring the best New York artists of various rock genres together, repeating the series again in 2007 and 2008 and continues to help promote the New York indie music scene. She also works to support American soldiers in the Middle East. DeHaan is also an entrepreneur running her own label, SirLady Records.

Thorns On A Crown is the latest release from Kirsten DeHaan and on it you'll find 5 tracks of music that offer up a variety of styles.

Things get started with the track, "1984," a song that offers up a 60's alt. rock feel thanks to the retro-guitar parts that are found on it.

Track-2, "Double or Nothing," is a lively track that mixes just a touch of a folk edge in to its light rock beats.

Track-3, "The Night Shift," starts out as a melodic acoustic guitar song until the 2:20 mark when the drum beats instantly speed up changing the song's tempo.

Thorns On A Crown ends on a very high note with the songs, "I'm Coming Home," and "Ms. Daisy."

Track-4, "I'm Coming Home," is a harmonica filled track that gives off a folk-rock vibe. For me this song also worked best to showcase DeHaan's vocals.

Track-5, "Ms. Daisy" finishes things up nicely with its melodious sound that also highlights DeHaan's vocals.

Kirsten DeHaan has nice vocals that are very pleasant sounding and match well with the songs found on her latest release, Thorns On A Crown.

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