Monday, June 8, 2009

A Review of Kotodama's "See You Tonight" (Rock/Pop)

"See You Tonight", by Kotodama is the classic story of lost love, an almost universal experience that has inspired countless artists throughout history. Whenever there is love, there must be expression. Art is summoned to express love, and music is perhaps the most used artistic medium for expression. Emotivism - a theory based on the idea that moral judgments express our feelings - makes us think whether a sad song is meant to make us feel sad, or whether a love song can only be understood if the listener has felt love in his life.

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The truth is, "See You Tonight", a not too loud rock ballad with a sweet, melodic line, "spoke" to a lot of people already, and it’s making its way to the top and the band is evolving in the rock/pop music world. After listening to the song, one can be reminded of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir album, while the smooth voice of the lead singer and the way he approaches higher notes is reminiscent of James Blunt. West Coast Songwriting Competition (US) has given "See You Tonight" an honorable mention. In addition, last month KISS FM, New York, has contacted Kotadama, to congratulate the band for having the top song request at the station. Kotadama is clearly a group on the rise, so keep open eyes and more importantly, open ears, for this group is definitely going places.

-- Review by Marios Papasavvas

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