Monday, June 8, 2009

RasMG Joins Indie Artist Jimmy Mancus On Debut Album

Springbrook, Pennsylvania, June 2, 2009 - Springbrook, PA independent artist Jimmy Mancus has never been one to adhere to the unwritten rules of the singer/songwriter genre. Foregoing the copy-cat, soft-rock that floods today's scene, Mancus brings an eclectic blend of styles and sounds to the table with his soon-to-be-released, new album, "Move Down".

The album's 14 tracks, encompassing elements of rock, pop, surf, indie, funk, reggae and hip-hop, come together to create a record that can be called anything but your "run-of-the-mill, singer/songwriter album." Keeping the commercially-popular ballads to a minimum, Mancus's songs explore a multitude of topics (examples include the rock-driven "Cinnamon", a track dealing with the dangers and temptations of addiction; "Come Join the Tea Party", a seven-minute, cliff-notes-like version of "Alice in Wonderland"; and "The King", a playful, folk/rock number chronicling a fictitious ruler's life-long search for love). However, in addition to his unique lyrics and guitar style, Mancus had an Ace up his sleeve, one that would ultimately help to solidify his singular sound.

Straight from the LBC, RasMG/"Field" Marshall Goodman, DJ and songwriter for the multi-platinum selling band SUBLIME and the star-studded reggae outfit, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, brought the signature flavor of Southern California's dub/hip-hop scene to Mancus's new album. Goodman, one of music's finest DJ/turntablists, layed down dynamic scratch work on three tracks, "Sugar", "Orange Everwood" and the album's first single "Give It Up". The result is a fusion of sounds that hearkens back to the days of SUBLIME and their songs like, "What I Got" and "Smoke Two Joints".

"Move Down" was produced by Clyde Rosencrance, who also serves as the album's primary electric/lead player. Other key players include Lenny Mecca on bass guitar, Eli Hludzik on drums, Matt Nakoa on keys/piano and Tom Borthwick on hammond organ.

"Move Down" will be released on August 4, 2009. The album will be available thru Mancus's official website and all major online retailers like itunes, and cdbaby.

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