Monday, June 15, 2009

Funky, groove-rock in Jimmy Mancus' "Give it Up" (feat. RasMG)

"It is apparent that musician Jimmy Mancus has a flair for an eclectic and cool way of writing and singing songs, as evident in his latest single, Give it Up, off of the album Move Down. Summer is just around the corner and it’s only fitting that we all have a summer song to groove our bodies to. It also doesn’t hurt to have RasMG featured on the track. Jimmy, the self taught musician, teamed up with RasMG, who is a well respected DJ and songwriter in the Southern California area for this epic track. This is a feel good song that has a funky bass line, classic hip hop beats, mellow guitar riffs and Jimmy’s funky soul singing style; just the right song to groove away the summer." -- Veronica Cole

Independent artist Jimmy Mancus has never been one to adhere to the unwritten rules of the singer/songwriter genre. Foregoing the copy-cat, soft-rock that floods today's scene, Mancus brings an eclectic blend of styles and sounds to the table with his soon-to-be-released, new album, "Move Down". The album's 14 tracks, encompassing elements of rock, pop, surf, indie, funk, reggae and hip-hop, come together to create a record that can be called anything but your "run-of-the-mill, singer/songwriter album."

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