Thursday, June 18, 2009 - Rock The World Campaign Impacts 192 United Nations Countries

The nonprofit organization Humanitarian Resource Institute, founded in 1994, is moving ahead the Rock the World Campaign through the Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative. The campaign is being directed by Country Music Association Artist and Founder of Humanitarian Resource Institute, Stephen Michael Apatow.

Project Overview

Rock The World Campaign: Soundtracks from "Outside of the Box" available on MySpace and AirPlay Direct (High Quality Streams for radio stations and television). "Outside of the Box," compilation by Country Music Association Artist Stephen Michael Apatow.

Orchestrated through the Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative, international objectives are to:

* Promote collaboration and empowerment of artists in every United Nations member country, who will promote citizen advocacy in support of the felt needs of their fans and communities. * Provide a support system for artist collaboration in strategic planning, including targeted policy development initiatives. * Assist grassroots, national and international level communications support in conjunction with concerts, events and media initiatives.

Today, communication network integration, from the non-governmental organization Humanitarian Resource Institute reaches:

* newspaper, radio and television, corporate, intergovernmental, non-governmental, United Nations, community action and interfaith organizations in approximately 195 countries. * grassroots networks (household level), corporate, municipal, state and federal government, community action and interfaith organizations in approximately 3100 United States Counties.

Contact Information:

Stephen Michael Apatow

Founder, Director of Research and Development Humanitarian Resource Institute Phone: (203) 668-0282 Internet: Email:

Director, Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative Internet: Twitter: unarts

Connect with Stephen Michael Apatow on: Myspace I Artistopia I Airplay Direct

-------------------------------------------- What happens behind the scenes, is what shapes the face of progress. Artists have the direct connection with the grassroots level and have the capacity to inspire hope and healing. The combination of these two encompasses the face of "Arts Integration Into Education," and our spectrum of work here in the United States and 192 member states of the United Nations. -- Stephen Michael Apatow -------------------------------------------

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