Sunday, February 8, 2009 - The Independent Artists' Answer To The Recession

Tryxo is the newest hot spot for independent artists that want to be heard on a global stage. Tryxo is an online store for digital downloads, offering strictly independent music. So why chose Tryxo? It is FREE to sign up, and artists will retain 75% of the sales on their music, well above industry rates. All that is required is to sign up for a free account at

In these recessionary times, Tryxo offers several advantages to artists, and especially their fans, including:
- high-quality pre-approved music
- a low price ($0.59 per download)
- no limitations to how many times a song that was purchased can be downloaded or copied onto the mp3 players or CDs.

"This is a store, not a community, dating site or a combination of all," noted Founder Natalie Vandersluis. "The goal is to promote great independent music worldwide and to fully support the artist by giving him the major percentage of the sales."

In the future Tryxo is planning to provide online radio streams. Listeners will be able to find out more on the artists in rotation as well as request that the artist perform in their region.

Tryxo is an online store for digital downloads with strictly independent music. They strictly focus on providing talented independent artists with a high quality marketplace for their products. Tryxo will provide a viable sales record not just clicks on your MySpace page or free downloads.

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