Friday, February 13, 2009

Renowned Russian Composer Alexander Shulgin Pre-Releases "Triptych" Album To Radio

Familia Entertainment has announced the exclusive digital pre-release of "Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part I," the first in the three-album compilation "Triptych" by leading Russian composer Alexander Shulgin. All the songs from the album will be available for download to over 2,800 radio station members through online music distributor Airplay Direct ( The full compilation will be distributed digitally by The Orchard and made available through all major online music retailers in March.

Produced by the successful DWB stable of writers and producers, "Triptych" contains the music, melodies and instrumentals of the famous themes by the composer which have yet been played before. With inventive use of the Spanish nylon strung acoustic guitar as a main lead instrument, it conjures up sunsets in Spain and peaceful sunshine bathed fields swaying in the breeze. There is a blend of modern Chillout styles and some more Urban sounding Jazz tinged opuses on this album - music to have a warm bath in.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part I" is an instrumental album of the music of feelings and mind, romantic lounge, recorded together with the most famous English instrumentalists - Simon Rushby, Steve King, Jon Howell, lead guitars by Paul Drew. Recorded in spring 2008 at DWB Music record studio in the UK, the album was produced by young English producers Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part II" - a piano album produced by Richard Niles and performed by Gary Husband, played in a "minimal" style. One of the album tracks - an instrumental duet - was recorded together with the great star of the music jazz, the best guitar player in England and one of the best ones in the world - Martin Taylor.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part III" - was made in a "smooth jazz" style, recorded together with the most famous worldwide jazz musicians: Billy Cobham, John Patitucci, Bob James, Bob Mintzer and others. The legendary Richard Niles, who before had worked with Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney, Pat Matini, The Pet Shop Boys group, was a producer of the album.

"Recording the album was a very harmonious experience a definite sense of peace transcended into the studio and made everyone feel part of something beautiful. The soaring melodies and tranquil harmonies brought the studio to life. It was a experience to remember." - Pete Barringer, producer

When we recorded the vocals for the album I thought instantly that this was a project with real musical sentiment... A refreshing sound..." - Laura Whittle, vocals

"It was a pleasure to work with such great melody's as this, many of them expressing the emotions that words cannot express" - Paul Drew, producer

About Alexander Shulgin
Alexander Shulgin is a leading composer, performer and executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Familia Entertainment, a record label, and Familia Publishing, a publishing company.

Shulgin began his career with the legendary Russian rock band The Cruise (1983-1986), which sold 20 million copies of their first album in 1985. He went on the work on a series of international projects, from "The Taiga Symphony," a combination of Russian classic music with western rock-music performed by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, to "Merry Christmas to the World", another ambitious East-West collaboration between Shulgin and BBC Worldwide. Shulgin is also a composer of music for films and TV, his songs appearing in films by Lukas Moodysson and Ken Russell, the TV music serial "Primadonna" as well as all the music for the first public TV channel "Spas" for which he composed .


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