Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NYC Rocker Tim Young releases free "Kerouac" MP3

"Listening to 'Keroauc' by Tim Young Band feels like a cross-country adventure that harkens back to the esteemed Beat writer Jack Kerouac, of whom the song refers to. In the song's video, Young is seen playing guitar all over the city of New York on street corners and sidewalks. Young appears to be having a blast - and rightly so. 'Kerouac' is a highly enjoyable song that will conjure up thoughts of hitting the road with only a notebook in hand, just like Jack did so many years ago."

Download the MP3 from Tim Young Band of "Keroauc"

Watch the "Keroauc" video...

Rocker Tim Young (, veteran to the New York music scene, has been performing in Manhattan for years. Together with drummer Sand Edwards he's been able to solidify a great fan base. Young began releasing CDs in 2002 with NO STRANGER, a collection of nine original instrumentals. For his second release RED, his debut as a solo singer/songwriter, he recorded sixteen original songs that explore the emotional landscape of an artist dealing with the way of life in twenty-first-century NYC. Tim Young's third CD THE COST features twelve new songs and a brand new version of his own tune "Renegade" from RED. THE COST takes some similar themes but develops them in a more complex way. Tim likes to call this record rock 'n roll. He takes guitar, bass and drums and puts them together in a classy classic kind of way to create music that envelopes not only rock, but also country and folk influences woven into the fabric of rock 'n roll.

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