Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kenny Martin Has Released A Stellar Rock/Pop CD 'As We Walk'

The multi-talented international adult contemporary singer & songwriter Kenny Martin has released his brand new CD entitled “As We Walk,” which features his chart-topping single “This Train Station.” The album features thirteen upbeat rock songs including the title track and “Benevolent Persuasion” that are hard hitting radio masterpieces of melodic adventures.

“As We Walk” was recorded and produced in the entertainment mecca that is Las Vegas where Kenny has continued to earn praise for his previously released stellar CD "Tomorrow's Memory." Throughout the recording process fans around the world have awaited Kenny's return and he has earned significant interest on a national level with hopes of continuing his success with the release of this red hot new album of songs. As of today, the song “This Train Station” stands at #34 on the FMQB AC Top 40 Radio Charts and it is expected to keep climbing up.

Kenny Martin’s new CD “As We Walk,” is currently available through iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody,, and Napster.

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As We Walk Records
Kenny Martin carries a message of hope, dignity and love with humor and compassion. His music is a fusion of rock and jazz influences filtered through a variety of keyboards, kick-ass rhythm section and a smoking saxaphone. His vocal style and harmonies are reminiscent of rock greats, while taking you to new heights in contemporary music.

International recording artist KENNY MARTIN has released a stellar rock/pop CD Tomorrows Memory on As We Walk Records. The CD is characterized by fine songwriting and melodies, rocking guitar, deft keyboards, tender ballads and pop sensibilities. Radio and listeners will be enthralled by such choice cuts as Crazy, Time and the title track. For all Kenny Martin info and CD ordering, please go to

Born in Michigan in 1967, Kenny Martin instantly had an affinity for music and began to play the piano at age four. At that time Ken was inspired by The Beatles, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Todd Rundgren. At the age of seven Ken became more serious about music and was inspired by Chick Corea. Gino Vanelli and George Duke. Ken's first gig came at the age of eighteen at the Montauk Yacht Club. He then attended Ithaca College where he studied music and broadcasting. By this time Steely Dan became a big influence and he became more of a writer and singer. Ken played in numerous bands and ended up in Montreal where he recorded many albums including his critically-acclaimed CD As We Walk. After playing and recording in Montreal and Toronto, Ken has returned to New York City and ready to hit the big-time with Tomorrow's Memory.

Peter Kasindorf
by As We Walk Rating: 10
I love to listen to this album while I'm driving. Recently, I noticed myself humming and singing the soothing melodies and catchy lyrics while sitting at my desk at work. This CD was a natural for me and makes me feel great. Thanks Ken!

As We Walk
by G. Richardson Cook Rating: 10
I love this album. Not simply because I know the artist but because it speaks in lyrical truths about the human spirit. The album begins with a rocking, jazz influenced greeting "Welcome" setting the tone for a novella of moving songs that follow. One of my favorites is "Didn't We" which takes us on a journey into our past and the memorable good things we acomplished there. Listening to this song made me happy to be a part of the human race and set a path to the future where we can do good things over and over again. Treat yourself to a remarkable experience in the human condition; hope, sanity and a way to go forward in truth. Listen to this album.

As we Walk
by Lynne Hyde Rating: 10
I thought this CD was truly exceptional, in fact the song As we Walk -brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it for it's melodic and deep feeling. It delivers a message that's important. I highly recomend this Cd to be listened to. The band is great and I especially enjoyed the female back up voices that are on the last few songs.This artist deserves to go somewhere!

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