Tuesday, November 25, 2008

David Wright - New Instrumental Music Release 'Dreams And Distant Moonlight'

David Wright continues to produce instrumental music of the highest standard and this epic new dreamy program of music is his most impressive creation yet. Fifteen interlinked tracks spanning a colossal 77 minutes that is stylistically a cross between his 2002 classic "Walking With Ghosts" and the 2004 opus "Continuum". The music is varied and laced with superb Pink Floyd style lead guitar, bass guitar and occasional vocal textures that will no doubt draw comparison with David's electronic rock band Code Indigo. However, this is a very definite David Wright album - high class melodic electronic music that is rhythmic and flowing. There is some gorgeous music here; wonderful piano on tracks like "Dreams", trademark solos and imaginative sequencing on the tracks "Just an Illusion" and "State of Confusion”, while David's string arrangements have never been more inspired on "Cry to the Moon" and "The Canyon." Other tracks like "State of Bliss" with its evocative guitar and stunning blues arrangement, the sparse "Heatwave in Blue" and the Klaus Schulze inspired "Amorphous" highlight that David is prepared to take risks. He is able to multitask and present various styles while retaining the vision and cohesion to present a very listenable instrumental music album without deviating from what people recognize as his core style. Huge in scope, this new album will be a real treat for fans both old and new. If you like the look of the Yes like science fiction sleeve then you should investigate this set. Available on CD or as a 256kbph digital MP3 or flac file download via http://www.admusiconline.com and also available from all major outlets including itunes and Amazon.

Download David Wright's mp3 for "State of Bliss (part 2)"

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