Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a'tris Wins AirPlay Direct's "All Things Digital Alt. Rock / College / Indie Rock" Artist Contest 2008

Throughout the month of October, AirPlay Direct ran our FREE to enter "All Things Digital Alt. Rock / College / Indie Rock" artist contest. The winner a'tris will receive the Grand Prize package which includes:

* A fee waiver for the contest winner to carry their CD in Best Buy and one performance at a Best Buy branded event (value - priceless)

* A recording studio package fro a master quality EP (5 songs) from Slot-1 Studios (a $5,000 value)

* A full album mastering package from Skyline Sound (a $3,000 value)

* A professional microphone package from SHURE microphones (a $1,500 value)

* A 12 week national publicity / marketing package from Pres Pak Public Relations (a $9,000 value)

* A 6 week national radio promotion campaign to approx. 350 college stations from Powderfinger Promotions (a $1,400 value)

* A promotions and development package from iMergeAndSee Artists Promotions and Development (a $3,280 value)

* 'The Banquet' media promotion package from HyperDIY Media (a $2,400 value)

* A 'Featured Artist' advertising and PR campaign from Mi2N (a $750 value)

* 8 vocal lessons and a copy of Jeannie's vocal enhancement materials 'The Contemporary Vocalist' Series from Jeannie Deva Studios (a $1,000 value)

* A 'Featured Artist' advertising / promotion package from AirPlay Direct (a $1,500 value)

The Grand Prize Package is valued at over $28,000...!

Based out of Boston, MA, this foursome keeps it real and down to earth, using music as an uncontrived conduit for self-expression. "Every musician wants to feel like they're unique and doing something that's never been done before," say the members of a'tris. "But let's face it: you need to use an agreed-upon vocabulary to describe your music to others. As a musician, you have to come to terms with this as a necessity to discuss your music." Heavily influenced by the jazz, classical, and progressive rock genres, a'tris not only gives us music as a language, but also as a soundtrack to our lives. "Music and film are inherently intertwined," says Taylor. "I frequently look to film for inspiration and hope that my music has a bit of cinematic flair."

Listen to and download "broadcast-quality" tracks at http://www.airplaydirect.com/atris

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