Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MusicDishTV: Ellee Ven - You Can Buy Me

Welcome to the animated world of ellee ven as she travels the world in search of the intangible qualities that life has to offer. I am sure you will enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Check out the before and after and experience groovetonics. www.elleeven.com

"The video for 'You Can Buy Me' by Ellee Van is one of the most innovative music videos in recent history. As Ellee sings this beautiful pop song, she is interspersed on top of a colorful world of animation. Ellee travels the world and sees things most of us could only dream about This is truly the definition of a must-see video - anyone who watches it will be talking about it for days!" - MusicDishTV

MusicDishTV is more than an online video channel; it is the place to find out what's happening in the music world and hear brilliant new talent before they hit the radio airwaves. Artists & bands can submit their videos at http://tv.musicdish.net.

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