Thursday, October 30, 2008

MusicDishTV: Insurgent Inc - "Atheistic Affidavit"

Inside a building, religious criminals made their dirty job. On top of the same building, orphans had enough and commit suicide. Two escaped: the clown and a shadow.

"'Atheistic Affadavit' by Insurgent, Inc. is the basis for one of the more bizarre videos to come out recently. Religious criminals writing scriptures, orphans committing suicide, and a peculiar clown are just some of the characters in this video. While the song slowly builds up and hushed vocals come into play, these images start to develop. But it is not until the guitar kicks in that things get out of control and the video takes a more schizophrenic route. 'Atheistic Affadavit' is a breath of fresh air in today's often-stale music world and is definitely a must-see video, even if it may disturb some of its viewers." - MusicDishTV

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