Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OC Singer Featured At White House Day Of Prayer For Our Nation

She's no longer just the "Voice of the Voiceless," now, she's also joining the global music movement: "We Are One."

Popular, globally conscious, Orange County singer Laura Angelini was among hundreds of musicians from coast to coast who joined with internationally known recording artist David Longoria for the debut of Longoria's song of unity "We Are One" at the White House Day of Prayer for our Nation May 20 on the lawn of the White House.

The National Day of Prayer for our Nation was created nearly two decades ago by the Rev. Terry Lee, and iconic New York pastor and founder of Bi-Ways and Hedges Youth for Christ Ministry, Inc.

The event annually gathers hundreds to thousands of people from all political and ethnic backgrounds in music and prayers for government, law enforcement, families and more.

This year's event included an hour of music from Longoria and his eclectic crew of singers and musicians. Performers hailed from various points across the country, among them Tacoma, Wash., Hollywood, Calif., Las Vegas, Nev., and Charlotte, N.C.

"We Are One," was written by Longoria, he said, as a way to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie song "We Are The World," which brought an awareness to hunger in Africa.

"I felt the time was now to uplift and bring all people together when our nation is so divided by race, cultures, faiths and ideology," Longoria said, adding, "I knew I had to make the time and effort to perform for the Day of Prayer, as this song needs to be at the center of our divide where it can shake things up for the good."

Longoria began the recording of "We Are One" with the goal of uniting up to 20 artists from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The song and its message reverberated so well that he was soon receiving messages from people across the country and in several other countries as well – from China to Europe and across the Pacific -- all wanting to be part of the project. The list of artists performing on the song snowballed into upwards of 700 artists from Motown to current country, r&b and pop, before it was complete.

"Because of all the different styles of music the various artists perform I combined elements of EDM, dance music; Gospel; Country; Jazz; and, Rock to create a new sound", Longoria said, adding "the result is fresh and uplifting and so powerful with all the great voices."

Longoria said he is honored to be able to bring so many wonderful voices together in what has been called "The biggest song in the history of pop," because of all the artists singing together.

Longoria invited Angelini to sing on the recording and at the event because he knew she'd bring to the project her authentic compassion and concern for worldwide unity.

"She is a strong advocate for championing uplifting efforts and we are an uplifting effort," he said.

Angelini said "We Are One" fits into her passion for unity and concern for others. She said she loves to sing and, "spread joy entertaining audiences everywhere, while making a change in the world.

Angelini has been a regular performer at The Balboa Bay Club and Bistango, as well as many other popular live music venues since moving to Orange County from Las Vegas in 2004.

She's involved in several community and worldwide environmental, animal and health advocacies, including: Ocean Defenders Alliance Fundraiser; the John Lennon Vigil; Angels Of Charity, Music For The Children Of Peru, the Japan Disaster Relief Benefit; Leukemia Foundation; and, World March for Peace and Non-Violence. Additionally she developed music programs OCSA and APA Commercial Music Department as a Vocal Director.

Longoria explains his vision for the "We Are One" song and movement in a Youtube video, in which he plays his original song. "We Are ONE" at: v=iE5eC2Ey9j8 and: v=sYzJitssaDA

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