Sunday, July 16, 2017

Houston-Based Rapper Vile Intentionz And Guitar Instrumentalist Seismic Anamoly Release Their Latest Thought-Provoking Single "Solidz N Stripez"

Houston-based rapper Vile Intentionz and guitar shredding instrumentalist Seismic Anamoly have released their latest thought-provoking single "Solidz N Stripez". The new collab delivers a contemporary message that hits ya in the face like a concrete block. What's that, you ask? Sooner or later, the Hatin' has got to stop, and better sooner than later, for all of our sakes. We hope you agree.

Featuring a Rock/Funk beat/backing by Seismo and a to-the-point Rhyme by Vile Intentionz, it's guaranteed to satisfy your Rock-Rap sweet-tooth and initiate creative thought about one of the front-running dilemmas in the World today; hate/racism.

VI and Seismo send out this message to newcomers and fans: "We genuinely hope you enjoy the tune and that it creates or enhances feelings of compassion and tolerance within you...we only got one World to share so we might as well do it together in Peace for everybody's benefit."

"Solidz N Stripez" is available online worldwide at CD Baby NOW. Get there, check it out, and Feel Tha Love.


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