Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mega Ran Takes To UK For Spring Tour

Named "Best Rapper" by The Phoenix New Times in 2016, Nerdcore rap royalty MEGA RAN (RandomBeats Music LLC), fresh off a winter tour of the UK, is returning this May for the #OPUK tour.

Accompanying Ran on this UK tour will be Richie Branson, who achieved viral success as a hip-hop musician, game developer and pop-culture trendsetter. Richie's Otaku Gang has created videos and music projects that have amassed over 100 million hits.

Providing the soundscape for Mega Ran and Richie Branson will be producer K-Murdock, who helped galvanize the nerdcore genre with the album "Forever Famicom" in 2010. K-Murdock's latest release "Hero Musik Vol 2" premiered as a best seller on Bandcamp and other music sites.

Mega Ran's latest release "Notorious RAN: Ready To Live," is a tribute to the late great Notorious BIG, who tragically passed 20 years ago. Ran's tribute mixtape has been downloaded over 12,000 times since its March release.

Mega Ran's high energy show and tour promises memorable times for all who attend.

Tickets are available at

#OPUK Tour Dates:

May 10 Manchester @ The Castle
May 11 London @ Surya (w/Professor Elemental)
May 12 Brighton @ Yellow Book Bar (w/Professor Elemental)
May 13 Leicester @ Soundhouse
May 14 Cambridge @ Museum of Computing History
May 16 Preston @ Ships and Giggles
May 17 Shrewsbury @ The Hive
May 18 Glasgow @ Nice N Sleazy
May 19 - Nottingham @ National Videogame Museum
May 21 - Newcastle @ Kommunity ncl (w/BType)


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