Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mal Magneto Preps Release of the LP 'Running Wit The Sun' With Appearance at Hollywood's ASCAP EXPO, CALI GOT SOUL!

Mal Magneto Preps Release of his album 'Running Wit The Sun' With Appearance at Hollywood's ASCAP EXPO, CALI GOT SOUL! Concert, BET AWARDS WEEKEND Industry Parties, a Featured Artist at IES - the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT & Appearances on WARPED TOUR Dates!

You ask who is Mal Magneto? Well it's all in the Name! Mal short for Malcolm was name after the late Great Super Hero Malcolm X. Magneto is the alter Ego Of Mal. The Mutant Outcast Emcee calling for all Super Mutant Emcees Old and young to unite to crush the machine with independent thought provoking thought! No stranger to the game, Mal's been perfecting his craft for years, readying his songs, performing with acts including KRS-ONE, WUTANG CLAN, and MC LYTE, & building his team that includes the mighty INDIEPOWER team of innovators & influencers.

Mal's album 'Runnin Wit the Sun' symbolizes the bringing of light to the currently dreary landscape of copy cat, carbon copy, cookie cutter music, illuminating the horizon with positive vibrations and the vibrant colors of totally fresh creativity. New sounds with solid values, Dope Beats, lyric to inspire, and sweet melodies to as Mal said, "You'll Have EarGasms, Tears, Spasms, Mortal fear has them Afraid..." - Excerpt from "Solar Plexus" Mal Magneto Prod. I. P. Henny and ProPhase.

To prepare the release of his highly anticipated EP, Mal & his crew will be taking part in the ASCAP EXPO in Hollywood in April & appearing live the following day on the big CALI GOT SOUL! Concert at a major venue in Hollywood on the legendary Sunset Blvd. Easter evening, The CALI GOT SOUL! Show will feature hand selected Singers & MCs from a National Talent Search, & be covered by major media, bloggers, TV & Radio Shows. Stevie Wonder will give the keynote talk at the Expo.

Mal has also been selected to appear at hot BET AWARDS Weekend industry parties in L.A., including the big COUNTDOWN TO BET! on Broadway in L.A. Saturday June 24 & the VIP BET AFTERPARTY at Universal/n.Hollywood Sunday June 25. Info on these events: 818-505-0669. This is the biggest Urban Award Show of the year & hottest weekend dedicated to urban music in the Country!

Leading up to the BET AWARDS Weekend Mal will be making promotional appearances at the legendary WARPED TOUR in Albuquerque, Phoenix, & Las Vegas. The WARPED TOUR is the largest & longest running Traveling Concert Festival in America, in it's 23rd year, and famous for helping break more future stars than any other tour. Included as alumni getting their big break on WARPED TOUR is EMINEM, BLINK-182, WAKA FLOCKA, KATY PERRY, GREEN DAY, ICE T-BODY COUNT, TWENTYONE PILOTS, MACHINE GUN KELLY, BEBE REXHA, TRAVIE McCOY, PIERCE THE VEIL, WATSKY, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, D-12 & hundreds of other wellknown artists. Mal will be appearing in the INDIEPOWER area. Led by the hottest Promotional Marketing company for independent artists, INDIEPOWER leads the way in building an artist's fanbase, tours, licensing deals & business opportunities,

Also 2 days after the WARPED TOUR Grand Finale in Southern California, Mal will be attending, performing & participating in IES - the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT in L.A. August 9-12. IES has become the greatest global conference & festival for independent artists, producers, managers & indie labels/production companies in the World. In it's 6th successful edition, a virtual Who's Who of Industry Leaders & Influencers running dozens of Success Seminars, Power Panels, State-of-the-Industry Keynote Speeches, IES Honors inducting Legends, & every artist attending gets to be a part of an IES Industry Showcase! THE place to up your cutting edge knowledge on how to succeed in today's markets, make major league connections, accelerate your growth, building your fanbase, attracting investors/sponsors/endorsements, & maximizing your opportunities in the business worldwide! Attendees come from around the World & across the Country. No serious artist or exec in today's increasingly independent & entrepreneurial based industry can afford to miss it! Info at 818-505-9537.

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