Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Leisure Principle Working On Debut Album

With a vast musical history, The Leisure Principle are studio bound working on a selection of tracks that run the gamut of funk, hip hop, new wave, brit pop and classical, all with an ethereal edge. When asked about the musical direction of the album, guitarist/producer Dave Thompson says "We are trying to create something artistic yet motivational, something commercial and listenable yet anti-pop in a sense. I approach the production of the album without too much agenda, except to make something that I think serves music in general."

"Our influences are huge and varied" says The Leisure Principle's singer/flautist Liesa Norman. "My background in classical music and Dave's rock background creates this fusion, it's simplistic yet complex. We just love great melodies and rhythm. Also, It's such a wonderful luxury to have guests like Prevail and Ben grace us with their artistry, and we are excited to feature other guests too. It's very collaborative in this camp, and we love to be influenced."

David Spidel, who also happens to play guitar with Bif Naked, plays bass, keys and percussion in the band. Cam Stephens on drums with his jazz background rounds out the lineup.

About The Leisure principle
The Leisure Principle is a postmodern pop act animated with groove-based rhythms. Propelled by big beat drums, ambient rock-like guitar and funky bass, the music fuses strong yet quirky melodies with ethereal vocals to create songs that are both oblique and lyrical. Avant-garde flute and synth/keys fill in The Leisure Principle soundscape composing a collage of musical art.

Website: http://www.theleisureprinciple.com

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