Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Danish Singer Songwriter & Veteran Stars Win Acoustic Music Awards

Danish Singer/Songwriter Tim Schou wins top honors at the 13th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). He has been signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing. He is the first from Denmark to ever win at IAMA. He was a member of “A Friend in London”, a Danish pop rock and rock band that represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. He won the Overall Grand Prize as well as the Best Male Artist at the 13th Annual IAMA.

Other notable winners include Bertie Higgins & Bellamy Brothers, who won the Best Folk Category. Bertie Higgins is known for his #1 hit "Key Largo" and Top 10 hit "Just Another Day in Paradise". Bellamy Brothers are known for their eleven #1 hits "Let Your Love Flow", "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me", "Too Much Is Not Enough" and many more.

NEeMA, featuring Emmylou Harris won the runner-up award of the Folk category. NEeMA is a folk singer from Canada. Folk legend Emmylou Harris has five #1 hits and counting.

Grace VanderWaal, America’s Got Talent’s last year’s top winner is a finalist in the Best Female Category. Her debut album hit #9 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. At 12 years old, she is the youngest finalist in the history of IAMA.

Marty Cintron, from the award winning group “No Mercy” is a finalist in the Best Male Artist Category. No Mercy is known for their #1 hit "Where Do You Go".

More details on the winners will be available in the next few days.

Here is the list of winners of the 13th Annual IAMA:

Tim Schou (DENMARK)

FIRST PRIZE: "Voyaguer" by Rob Tardik (CANADA)
RUNNER-UP: "Reflections" by Billy Rogan

FIRST PRIZE: "Turn to Gold" by Joel Ansett
RUNNER-UP: "Something" by Sophie Clark

FIRST PRIZE: "Completely Crazy" by Alec Chambers
RUNNER-UP: "Hundred Dollar Bill" by Jeremy Edwards

FIRST PRIZE: "Crossing the Bar" by Bertie Higgins & Bellamy Brothers
RUNNER-UP: "For You" by NEeMA, featuring Emmylou Harris (CANADA & USA)

FIRST PRIZE: "Drive" by The Well Pennies
RUNNER-UP: "Every day is Not the Same" by Sigrid Sørgaard Band (NORWAY)

FIRST PRIZE: "Novocaine" by Tim Schou (DENMARK)
RUNNER-UP: "When Darkness Finds You" by Josef Church (AUSTRALIA)

FIRST PRIZE: "Heartbreak Is Contagious" by Kris Angelis
RUNNER-UP: "Will You Take Me Home" by Madlyn Hall

FIRST PRIZE: "Heart That Speaks" by Jayne Sachs
RUNNER-UP: "Carolina Water" by Kassidy Lynne

ABOUT IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)
IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) promotes the art and artistry of acoustic music performance and artistry. In its 14th year, IAMA has a proven track record of winners going on to get signed and hit the Billboard Charts. Meghan Trainor was discovered by IAMA 6 years ago and is now a global superstar with #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts with "All About That Bass" (#1 for 9 weeks) and #1 on The Billboard 200 Charts with her debut album "Title", won for a Grammy award for Best New Artist. 2nd Annual IAMA winner Zane Williams’s winning song was recorded by country music star Jason Michael Carroll, that song hit #14 on Billboard Country Charts and #99 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Jeff Gutt, finalist at the 9th Annual IAMA was a runner-up on X-Factor USA. Charlie Dore (known for her hit “Pilot of the Airwaves”) was the top winner in 2008. Information on winners and finalists, go to:

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