Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sarah P. Releases "Berlin During Winter" Single & Video

"Berlin During Winter', the first single from Sarah P.'s upcoming solo debut album Who Am I, is OUT NOW.

Genre-wise, Sarah's bending between dream pop and heavy guitar and bass riffs. In her own words, "Berlin During Winter' is electro ambient-core. Lyric-wise, "Berlin During Winter' has a twofold meaning. The obvious one, as the title suggests, takes the listener on a walk through Berlin, during the cold months. Everything is gray and freezing cold. All colors are faded as if a painter mixed them with black and white tones. And as cold as Berlin gets, cold enough to even freeze the people's emotions, it leads to the second interpretation; depression.

"I'm not new to depression. Are you?' asks Sarah. People are under constant pressure from all side. No matter if rent, food, clothes, relationships, or the worries about our public image. "How do people perceive us in the so-called "outside world'. We have profiles on various platforms where, to get likes, we really need to put some effort. Whether profiled as snarky or cutesy or something in between, we learned which one is our good angle, which type of photos are driving more traffic to our channels, which one is our niche.'

However, there are things that not even the sad, crying emoji can express. Devastation, pain, sorrow, war. And there's war all around us and it feels like the next wars are waiting around the corner. There's hate everywhere and unfortunately, in real life, haters can't be blocked. "The internet life is taking over the offline one creating chaos. Hate is making the world go around, hovering us all in a big, fat tornado. And if that's not depressing, I don't know what is.'

About the video:
While following the events at the current war zones, Sarah decided to make a video for "Berlin During Winter'. Although she lives in Berlin, the song's setting is symbolical. Using public domain footage from war archives, Sarah gave "Berlin During Winter' a striking video. "We can't undo our history, but we can learn from it and shape our future. Especially this winter it's about time that we break from our bubble,' Sarah says. "We spent so much money on gifts and parties while knowing that people somewhere else were dying or taken their homes away. The hypocrisy levels we have hit are beyond embarrassing and it's about time that we do something. Despite how perfect our (social media) lives may be, we shall turn around and see the world without beautifying filters. We need to roll up our sleeves and ACT NOW. Not in a superficial way, not with hashtags. This time, for real.'


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