Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs ADHDtv To Major Distribution Deal

While TROY AVE recovers from his recent ambush shooting in Brooklyn and facing trial on the Irving Plaza shooting, he is featured with the Texas based artist HUSTLER E on the new song 'CROOKLYN TO WACOCAINE'.

The collabo between the two hustlers, one from the South & the other from the East, is to show solidarity of the streets. HUSTLER E, the creator of the 'hood classic' film 'WACOCAINE' says about the new collaboration, "Troy Ave is out there doing his thing, & above all the drama & controversy is an independent artist breaking out of the streets, as I am, in two major Hip Hop centers of the country & this track shows we are all the same down deep no matter where we come from."

The collaboration between artists from different regions is a step to show unity in Hip Hop, rather than segregation and regional bias than have been holding many artists back from expanding their national potentials. The song is available now on iTUNES & is featured on the WACOCAINE 5 Album, in anticipation of the 'WACOCAINE' new movie sequel coming in 2017.

For more info go to the label website www.OnMyHustle.com.

HUSTLE E is the founder 'On My Hustle Records' & creator "WACOCAINE" The Movie. On My Hustle was created in Waco, Texas in 1991 by Rodrick Hamilton after returning from Desert Storm serving 4 years in the armed forces. OMH recorded & manufactured Hustler E., the artist's first album "Mama Raised a Hustler" and created a street buzz throughout Central Texas, selling thousands of units through the streets, venues and independent retail outlets. In 1993 O.M.H. did a distribution deal with Solar Music Group which is based out of Valiejo, California. This worked for 6 months but due to distance and communication, decided to concentrate in their own market and remain independent in order to create a stronger following in Central Texas. OMH promoted and built a strong market base from 93-97 with Hustler E.

In 1998, OMH signed the artist Capone. Hustler E. and Capone went on the Low Rider Magazine Tour for 2 years establishing an even larger fan base. The same year OMH established a distribution relationship and supplied all product to Southwest Wholesale and other outlets. Company sales were increasing every year selling thousand of units,and then in the year 2002, Southwest Wholesale declared bankruptcy during one of the companies biggest projects "Wacocaine the Movie". This held back major funding and kept the companies product, causing a slowdown due to these losses. Not giving up, in 2003 OMH created the groups Texas Money Boyz and Niggaz and Ese's and went back to the roots of where it began. A survivor, HUSTLER E lives to tell another day!

"Wacocaine Part II" the movie is in-the-works now.

Website: http://www.OnMyHustle.com

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