Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preaching To Songwriters To Manage Metadata, SongNook Software Offers The Answer

Independent music startup Mesa Sand Ventures has announced the upcoming release of their newest software product for independent songwriters and artists to manage their music catalogs, called SongNook.

"For the last half-dozen years, I have been preaching to indies about the desperate need to manage their metadata," says software designer, Paul Bordenkircher. "We've seen dramatic growth in digital music such as streaming. In addition, the ensuing lawsuits over licensing make it more important than ever for independent artists and songwriters to have a strong handle on their metadata."

"The Spotify suit alone has hundreds of millions of dollars at stake," Bordenkircher notes. "Without proper metadata and documentation for your works, independent songwriters could lose out on these and other actions if you can't supply the proper metadata."

He describes SongNook as "an affordable, feature-packed solution for independent songwriters to manage their song catalogs."

About SongNook

SongNook is a standalone personal database solution, allowing users to track a variety of information split into three main areas: Song Catalog, Contacts and Activity. The Song Catalog area tracks all items about each individual song, including key, tempo, lyrics, genre and style, and includes media fields to store up to 6 audio versions and 2 video versions. The Contacts area is used to log names and addresses of music industry professionals. The Activity area allows a user to track any activity concerning their catalog, such as pitches, linking Contacts to entries from the Song Catalog.

"Now, you can remember which songs you pitched to whom, and when," Bordenkircher adds. The system will also linking of documents, such as publishing contracts, to the appropriate songs in the Song Catalog.

Minimum system requirements for Windows include:
Windows 8 and newer
Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 or newer

Minimum system requirements for Mac include:
Intel-based Mac running OS X Lion 10.7 and newer

SongNook is scheduled to go live on October 5th on the product website at It retails for $49. More information can be obtained at the product website.

The History of SongNook

Like many software solutions, SongNook was designed and built out over the last twelve years from a personal need. "My wife, CJ Borden, is a songwriter, and we continually struggled to put together something to manage CJ's songs and what we were doing with them," Bordenkircher comments. "We just couldn't find something to keep track of her music. It seemed other solutions either didn't exist, or started at a five-figure price point, which is way out of financial range for most independents."

About Mesa Sand Ventures, LLC:

Mesa Sand Ventures is a music, arts and entertainment company based in Mobile, Alabama. The principal mission of Mesa Sand Ventures, is to assist independent artists in the development, promotion and sale of their creative works.

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