Friday, October 28, 2016

Brandon Jarod "Kiss Me" Music Review

Brandon Jarod, a self-taught and multi-instrument playing hip hop artist from Virginia Beach, released his latest single "Kiss Me", proving his bold skills and talents in writing, producing, and vocals once again. If you have listened to the first two releases back in 2013 by Brandon, the latest single "Kiss Me" is definitely stepping out of your expectations - in a sexy, even dirty way with catchy melodies and riveting lyrics. On top of that, Brandon's skillful and textured vocal completes the song with sensitive embroideries. This is definitely one of those songs that would seep into your brain deeper and deeper with repeated plays.

Brandon Jarod started Nicobe records and released his debut in 2010. From his first release, "The Crush EP" to the latest single "Kiss Me," it is evident that Brandon is hitting the icon status in the industry sooner rather than later. His other release came in 2013, "The Age of Zero EP." Brandon set himself along when starting his music and that has been his drive. His target has always been to be the best at what he does, and that is experiencing his music through instruments and performance. Brandon has over the years mastered his vocal range, and he has been able to create his unique voice that is not associated with anyone else in the industry.


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