Friday, September 30, 2016

Project-TO - The White Side, The Black Side

Recorded in the Interactive Sound studies in Turin, Italy, property of Riccardo Mazza, the debut album by Project-TO was realized with the aim of live set, a real audio-visual experience where the songs of the white side, electronic/big beat-style, alternate with techno ambient/dark atmospheres of the black tracks. Within the work, the listener can find the influences of forerunners of this kind of sound like Chemical Brothers, DeadMau5, Crystal Method, Ancient Methods, Not Waving, Apparat and Andy Stott.

Powerful and unceasing rhythms characterize the white tunes, often layered and combined with electronic sounds and percussions/drumming recorded in studio. A very synthetic sound due to an important use of analogical and digital synths. Black songs are the "photographic negatives", more bitstream, of the white songs; every black is an interpretation of its corresponding white, where a more techno/dark arrangement changed deeply sounds and drafting, mantaining the same exact length.

Paths interweave symbolically with voices and sounds that sometimes recall universal symbols like in "Sign of the Earth", where Tibetan monks songs appear, or "Look Further", with a theme signed by Gregorian chants, or "I-Hope", characterized by an opening speech of Indian Parliament by Indira Gandhi and followed by comment 揑 Hope� of Hillary Clinton; images are bounded to our territory to underline our roots and our culture.

Double LP was indeed produced together with the original visual project that is part of the whole plan. Six videostories representing the six white moments, or rather a dreamlike travel of the two protagonists, that live different experiences and meet only occasionally and fleetingly. During the live set the voyage evolves with darker and more abstract visual atmospheres, sustaining black tracks. A video project in part inspired by the record Further by Chemical Brothers (2010), composed by eight songs accompanied by as many corresponding clips.

The shots are original, made in the studio and on location. Animations, video clips, characters in silhouette and abstract geometric textures, generated with appropriate physical models simulation softwares, are the characteristics of the production. The show is performed entirely live with mapping projections on the surface of the place hosting the event: walls, ceilings, furnishings or exterior facades. An immersive experience that transforms the space, where electronic music becomes part of a contemporary artistic language more evolved and experimental, while retaining the characteristics of a dance and trendy event.

Although extremely new, Project-TO has already executed high profile performances like Opening Party of Artissima in Turin, Italy (November 2015), the opening night of Torino City of Design (December 2015) and Fuorisalone in apartment Lago in Brera for Milano Design Week (April 2016).


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