Friday, August 19, 2016

Raggs Gustaffe Hits #1 and Is Far From Done

Working closely with producer Sonny Cole, reggae artist Raggs Gustaffe has made a great deal of noise in his scene. Along with his work with Cole, Raggs also saw one

of his songs go to number one on the Reverbnation charts and with that, he plans on making more hits in the coming months as he's back to working with Cole on a new


As a producer and songwriter Cole brings a blend of reality, humor and a spicy to the table. That blend is what drew him and Raggs to working together as the artist

himself sees that in himself and likes to put his best foot forward with the utmost professionalism. On top of his professionalism and talent, Raggs is more than a

voice. He is also a skilled drummer who has impressed far and wide from Jamaica to New York to Germany to Spokane, Washingtin where he and his band, Bush Doktor, have

performed throughout.

On and off stage Raggs brings a uniqueness to his music and it shows on his number one single "Blue Eyes." It went to the top in Jamaica on Reverbnation on the reggae

charts and proved to everyone that this was an artist worth the time.

Cole's personal mantra towards life is "variety is the spice of life," and with that he plans on taking his career to the next level in the coming months. Not only by

continuing his work with Raggs on that upcoming release, but also working in a myriad of genres to show what he can do when put in different situations. He believes

many artists have great products but not the presence to deliver it - and that's what he brings as a producer. He wants to deliver those he works with to what he

calls, "the front page."

Those interested in working with Sonny Cole or Raggs Gustaffe can get in touch with Cole using the information provided below.

Raggs Gustaffe is a reggae artist who reached number one on the Reverbnation reggae charts, and will be working with producer Sonny Cole on his upcoming release.


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