Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New York based NeoSoul band 'Mostacho Xprmnt' releases studio session video for "Que Mae Mas Raro"

The Brooklyn, New York based NeoSoul/R&B/Fusion band releases their first video clip August 10th. The production corresponds to their first single "Que Mae Mas Raro"

(translates as "Weird Dude" from Spanish) and was shot at Terminus Studios in Times Square while the band recorded the song. Mostacho Xprmnt will celebrate their

release headlining a show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 this Friday August 12th at 11:30pm in New York City.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/4URUK-vyMII

The song "Que Mae Mas Raro" is an ode to weirdness with it's music being based on a 12-tone atonal composition style, and the lyrics written by Malaysian songwriter

Najwa Mahiaddin and Costa Rican composer Andres Marin reflect the limits of judgement and tolerance. Although the lyrics are entirely in English, the title refers to a

Spanish phrase for "What a Weirdo" by using "mae" from Costa Rican slang as an equivalent to "dude".

The song and video features Korean singer Songyi Jeon, Andres Marin as bandleader and drummer, Luis D'Elias on guitar, Dave Lowenthal on bass and Miguel Gallardo on

keys. "Each musician contributed their own style to consolidate the sound we achieved" explains Marin. The video direction was in charge of Gerardo Vitale.

The concert on August 12th features guest singers Shilpa Ananth and Miranda Inzunza as well as pianist Noah MacNeil. The band will return to the studio right after

their release party to finish the post-production of their next single titled "Clap With Me". Other artists that have performed at Rockwood Music Hall include Lady

Gaga, Jessie J and Mumford & Sons.

About Mostacho Xprmnt:
Mostacho Xprmnt was founded by Costa Rican drummer and composer Andres Marin and consolidated in 2013 in New York City with Eitan Akman and Haruka Yabuno. It started

as a creative outlet that ignored stylistic boundaries and genre tags, therefore embracing an experimental quality. After a couple of years working with Malaysian

singer Najwa Mahiaddin, the band developed a strong NeoSoul and R&B sound while still mixing elements of jazz, funk, rock and latin rhythms. Some of their influences

include Erykah Badu, Esperanza Spalding, Snarky Puppy and Hiatus Kaiyote. In 2015, Korean virtuoso Songyi Jeon replaced Najwa as the lead vocalist and recorded what

became the band's first single "Que Mae Mas Raro" released in April 2016 featuring also Dave Lowenthal on bass, Luis D'El韆s on guitar and Miguel Gallardo on keys. The

group has performed at Rockwood Music Hall, The Shrine, ShapeShifter Lab, Williamsburg Music Hall and many more in New York City as well venues in Costa Rica and

Nicaragua. Mostacho is preparing their second single "Clap With Me" for the second half of 2016.

Andres Marin / Mostacho Xprmnt

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