Monday, July 11, 2016

Jefferson Thomas Releases Election-Themed Single, "Next One"

Currently touring the US and Europe to support 2015's "Come Alive" record, and preparing another full-length release for 2017, Jefferson Thomas isn't sure his new election-themed single, "Next One", is really about the election at all. It may be more about the process and the voter than the actual choice of candidates. Judging from audience reaction at recent shows where he's "test-driven" the new tune, he may be on to something.

"Everybody's feeling it", explains Thomas. "Not just frustration at any particular leader or party, but a general sense of chaos � not only toward politics or contentious national issues, but that personal disconnect that we've brought upon ourselves by being addicted to a 24/7 news cycle and social media. Culturally, we're branded basket cases; Brand X people and Brand Y people all yelling at each other to be heard above the din, and nobody actually SAYING anything. So then we're supposed to be surprised that the people who want our votes reflect that? I think this election cycle is as much a referendum on us as it is about the choices we have. We're looking at our reflection in a big-ass mirror, and we ain't likin' what we see."

"Next One" is meant to be funny, but it's not a political or protest song. It's more of a cautionary tale, and it takes great care to remain neutral. Taking sides or preaching to anyone would ultimately undermine the overall message.

And that message is, according to Jefferson Thomas: "How in HELL did we get HERE?"


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