Friday, July 15, 2016

Jacques Pellarin Composer - EP Jazz "Back To Philadelphia 2"

"Composer accordionist Jacques Pellarin has the welcome ability to craft Bossa nova, Samba Jazz, Latin flavours, which is technically challenging, yet immediately accessible and engaging. A superbly lyrical player" Bruce Lindsay All about Jazz

Genre: Jazz: Latin Jazz
Jacques Pellarin productions June 2016 - Sacem

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Composer accordionist Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French countryside to all corners of the globe. With 9 albums and multiple international tours, he has shared his classic-world Jazz inspired accordion compositions with a world-wide audience.

Jacques' professional career began as part of the internationally acclaimed Baikal Duo and after 18 years of classical performances, Jacques formed a Jazz quartet and an Jazz acoustic trio in order to pursue a freer interpretation of jazz and world music.

In 2011, the Jacques Pellarin Quartet released the critically-acclaimed album "Sup Dude" and today, Jacques continues to compose, perform with the french songs duet "Jac & Co" and tour in USA and UK , France ...

Blue Pie production news :
"Jacques is very proud to share his latest new tracks from his US recording session. The sessions were on the 25th May 2016 at the C.A.S.Studio (New Jersey). The sessions feature his great friend and producer/composer Chris Orazi.

As Jacques says: "I'm so grateful to my American friends Stan Slotter(trumpet/Flute); Jim Cohen(Jazz guitar); David Bopbrummer(Drums), Christopher David-Shannon(Upright Bass) and also Andrea Carlson & Chris Orazi who all worked so hard on these session. They are all from Philadelphia and it was great delight to work with them!"


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