Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zen2u releases album "Echoes of Industry"

Red Filter Sounds is proud to present Echoes of Industry, a new album of recordings by Zen2u. Established in 2015, Red Filter Sounds' mission is to bring new talent to listeners around the world with an original vision for various genres of ambient electronic music.

Forrest Old of Red Filter Sounds states: "As the first compendium of electronica pieces published by Red Filter Sounds, Echoes of Industry represents a stepping off point with a new take on downtempo ambient electronic music. As a producer of electronic music for 25 years, Zen2u is embarking on a new creative path in ambient "analog sounds" music."

Zen2u states: "Zen2u works with an analog oriented palette of machine made noise. It is hoped the listener taps into this imperfect flow of sound and finds a forgotten human moment in these 'echoes of industry'."

Echoes of Industry is available for listening at www.Zen2u.com April 27, 2016.

Also available the same day is Stride, a new sound piece by Zen2u off the Echoes of Industry album. Stride can be found on Spotify, You Tube Music, Amazon, iTunes, Tidal and many more music services.

Please note: More featured artists of the genre are available at www.redfiltersounds.com.

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