Monday, January 11, 2016

Musician Composes AudioVisual "World Peace Vaccine"

Veteran musician,composer & recording artist Robert Kramer, inspired by the recent tragic events in Paris & the U.S., has released a single and music video titled "The Human Element", planned for worldwide debut this Christmas.

Creating what he terms "a musical vaccine to heal hearts and minds", the video echoes the emotions and sentiment, exposing a global community torn apart by useless violence, showing the faces and the eyes in a parade of endless victims.

In addition, embedded in the images and the sounds of the music video are positive subliminal affirmations and healing tones deliberately put into the soundtrack to "speak directly to the subconsciousness of an entire world".

"I wanted to create an audio-visual message that will reach everyone..." says Kramer. "We've been exposed to so much evil and negativity that we lose perspective...we begin to accept it as a part of our lives, and in doing so, we feel helpless to do anything about it.

It's no longer useful to just talk about world peace. It becomes a "meme", a catch phrase...something that sounds good, but has no action connected with it. It's time for us as a world community to take action. WE create "The Human Element" when we act together and actively reach out to each other. Thats exactly the purpose of this song."

In addition to the melody and lyrics, specific combinations of notes and ultra low frequency tones & healing vibrations at specific megahertz are embedded within the song itself below the range of human hearing using "subliminal masking".

Kramer claims society has been subliminally programmed for decades by advertisements, sales pitches and politics. Research indicates the use and manipulation of sound and visual imagery is a key element to strategically re-programming the conscious mind.

Stating submliminal techniques have been abused in the past, he offers that "applied correctly, sound and vibrations can have a positive impact on the subconscious. Maybe its time to reverse some of the negative trend by infusing more positive suggestions back into our audiovisual experience. The world could certainly use a vaccine like that.."

The song, which will appear on a special 5 song EP scheduled for global release on Dec 25th, will debut simultaneously with the music video.

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