Monday, October 26, 2015

The Jessica Stuart Few Brings Masterclasses and Show to Beijing's DDC

Canadian indie folk-jazz power trio The Jessica Stuart Few will embark on its debut tour of China this fall with events at Beijing's DDC (Dusk to Dawn Club) on Sunday, November 8th. Starting at 3pm, bandleader Jessica Stuart will present three master classes called "Koto Talk," "Rhythm & Groove" and "Harmony & Melody" followed by a full show starting at 9:00pm. Presented by MusicDish*China, the tour is also supported by music portal Kanjian that is distributing her sophomore album "Two Sides To Every Story." The tour also includes events in Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and Taiyuan as well as dates in Japan.

Master Class #1: Koto Talk
Sunday, November 8th - 3:00-3:50 PM
Going into depth about the Japanese traditional 13-stringed harp, a descendent of the Chinese guzheng, and how it became a part of a Canadian indie folk-jazz trio's instrumentation. Learn about different types of textures and timbres that can be created by the koto and how it inspires the songwriting of The Jessica Stuart Few.

Master Class #2: Rhythm & Groove
Sunday, November 8th - 4:00-4:50 PM
Although the vast majority of what we hear on the radio is in 4/4 time, there are dozens of different rhythms and grooves out there to explore. This participatory master class will demonstrate and examine some less common rhythms, through the songs of The Jessica Stuart Few, while leading master class participants to create interesting and unusual grooves of their own.

Master Class #3: Harmony & Melody
Sunday, November 8th - 5:00-5:50 PM
The melody of a song usually gets treated as the star of the show, but what about the harmony surrounding it? This master class will give a new perspective on harmony, using the music of The Jessica Stuart Few to show how chords supporting a melody can change the sentiment of a song, and participants will be led to use their voices to create beautiful layers of harmony on the spot.

Internationally-touring indie folk-jazz power trio, The Jessica Stuart Few has one of the freshest sounds around. The band's sophomore album, Two Sides to Every Story, was released to critical acclaim, winning the 2014 international Independent Music Award (IMA) for 'Best Album' and dubbed, 'endlessly charismatic', by The Globe and Mail's Brad Wheeler. While on tour throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, the band remains in regular rotation on Bravo! TV and CBC Radio while topping campus radio charts, and appearing on commercial airwaves in Japan, hitting #85 on the Tokio Top 100 and #38 on FM North Wave.

Jessica's unprecedented take on the Japanese koto (13-stringed harp), her exceptional guitar work, and signature songwriting are innovative and refreshing, earning them main stage performances at festivals worldwide. Stuart exhibits a pitch-perfect vocal sensibility reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, with stunning 3-part harmonies onstage, earning the group a spot on music industry and media's must-see lists.

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