Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Super Lady" Single Release Breaks All the Rules

LJP Work's rocker mom, Lori Jean, releases a track with love from her French Meme and Pepe. Available for prerelease now at GooglePlay and will be available worldwide.

Release Date: 23 December 2015
Genre: Rock, Alt Country
Featured Artist: Lori Jean
Featured Track: "Super Lady"

Release Notes: Wisps of hair, a swaying apron, and hidden fragrance in cleaning products to lure attention, all eyes are glued. Sitting on their porch swing, Meme and Pepe grow with love.

Lori Jean came about in 2011 with her first track release "The Voice of Woman" under LJ Film and Music, a subsidiary of LJP Works. Since then her work with women introduced, "Love Of A Child" at Amazon, "Transition" with Tim Cheatle and Lori Jean at CD Baby under LJ Productions and Publishing, another subsidiary of LJP Works, and most recently "She Finds the Chords Herself" with Ned Euphorya and Lori Jean featured through LJP Works, which is the first track to be released under that label. Also recently released through Jean is "Under Your Pillow" by Factory Fast Records on "Harp's Soul" and more in the past, "Say You Love Me" by Griffith Records. Regular play at @AppleMusic, Spotify, Rdio, and iHeart.

Please get in touch with Lori at LJPWorks@outlook for interviews and promo copies of "Super Lady."

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