Thursday, October 8, 2015

222 Premiere Video For New Single "One Night Stand"

Sometimes a girl can only take so much and drastic actions prove fatal. That is the underlining theme behind the new single/video "One Night Stand," by L.A. alternative rock duo 222. The single / video is off the band's debut album Libretto and chronicles the tale of a one night stand leading to a guy stalking the girl until One Night when she decides to take a Stand for herself by killing him and burying him under her house. The video shows her secret might be out when a friend comes over to visit and the girl thinks she hears what she thought she got rid of. See video here: (

"One Night Stand" has enjoyed success on Rodney Bingenheimer's legendary radio show "Rodney on the Roq" and is currently being played on college and alternative stations radio across the country. The band is performing select dates this fall to support the release. Dates to be announced. (

222 is Jade Howard and Dennis Hamlin. The duo wrote, played all the instruments, and recorded the songs on Libretto themselves in their home studio with the only other credit on the album going to Frank Rosato who mixed the record. Howard and Hamlin are both prolific songwriters drawing their musical influences from books, movies and life experiences."One Night Stand" is loosely based on the Edgar Allen Poe story the Tell Tale Heart. The collection of songs on Libretto play much like an opera in that every song is a story. Yet don't let the opera reference fool you, the album is a collection of pop punk / 80s/90s influenced rock mixed with current techno influences that together deliver 222's own power packed take on dance rock. Listen to Libretto here: (

"One Night Stand" and Libretto are available on iTunes, and Amazon.

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