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Bongo Boy Records Is SHINING With Excitement To Present This American Garage Rocker Gar Francis And His EP SHINE ON To Asian Fans

September 15, 2015, Bongo Boy Records' official announcement of the release of "SHINE ON"; the studio EP by New Jersey GARAGE ROCKER GAR FRANCIS. This 5 track EP is making its way to Hong Kong with Bongo Boy Records' partner in China. The distribution partnership is key in Bongo Boy Records continued commitment to tap into the coveted Asian market on behalf of their artists, reaching the following market territories China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Considering the large population of Asia, Bongo Boy Records believes this to be one of our most strategic business partnerships in 2015. Together with Bongo Boy Records’ extended promotional campaigns; each release will be marketed to its best at home and overseas.”

Bongo Boy Records is SHINING with excitement to present this American Garage Rocker and his EP to Asian fans. Earlier this year "I'm Still Alive" track No5 on this EP was included as leading track on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volumes Three to Asia.

"SHINE ON" is all the psychedelic rock coolness you would expect from a rock & roll veteran. "SHINE ON" the solo EP from Doughboys guitarist GAR FRANCIS continues with that 60's Garage Rock sound that we have come to know and love so well. Gar Francis sounds effortlessly vintage-cool as he again proves what rock & roll sounds like from where it truly originated - the garage.

2. BACK IN 1985

Gar Francis/Vocals & Guitars, Lee Fink/Guitars, Mike Caruso/Bass, Rocco Scavone/ Drums, Myke Scavone/ Harmonica, Kurt Reil/ Backing Vocals.

Produced by Gar Francis & Kurt Reil. Recorded at recording studio House of Vibes, Highland Park, NJ

"SHINE ON" is the EP from singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer GAR FRANCIS. Gar indeed shines his musical talent through "clouds of pink majestic skies" as he uses lyrics like "baby boomers sit back and take view, graffiti masters Peter Max tattoos". Yes, music world" SHINE ON" is going to Asia and with all the psychedelic rock coolness you would expect from a rock & roll veteran. He is a Garage Rock/Americana/Blues solo artist hailing from Belvidere, New Jersey with a long list of accolades and credits to his name. He has received awards from The John Lennon Song Contest, the Unisong Music Awards, and an honorable mention in the Billboard Song Contest. He's been writing, recording and playing live for decades, has written songs for The Doughboys, Jeanne Lozier, Jana Peri, Genya Ravan, Kelly Caruso, The Swinging Iggies, Crab Bubbles Band, The Satisfactors, Mark Lindsay (former lead snger of Paul Revere & The Rainder) as well as writing a tribute for the USA Armed Forces and performing for them. Gar is a busy man, with his songwriting, producing music, music consulting as well as the A&R Director at Bongo Boy Records and TV Producer at Bongo Boy TV.

Reviewers say that the first track "Shine On" has the 60's psychedelic groove which follows with "Back In 1985" a 60's type ballad feel reminiscent of a Phil Spector production. "Blue Cadillac" is a bluesy groove with production from the same inspiration as the Black Keys.

"Tragedy" is a pure 12 string guitar based song about the equal opportunity everyone has in finding themselves homeless. And "I'm Still Alive" is an old Who type song declaring that the child inside still remains many years after.

Gar Francis's EP "SHINE ON" is recommended listening for any rock n' roll fans. It's inspiring to hear this type of output coming from anyone; Mr. Francis's guttural Iggy Pop-like delivery and genuine fire eclipses most music I've heard from artists who are probably half his age. This really is a fantastic EP and I look forward to the next full length for another rock fix. - Reviewer James Indie Music Promotions. USA

This release, as others before, will be distributed and promoted by Bongo Boy Records in Asia. Currently this release is available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital online retail outlets.

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