Monday, January 5, 2015

Hypeddit Launches Radical New Tool To Get Music Artists Loads Of New Real Fans

Officially launched today, Hypeddit ( is a unique and innovative "Follow-to-Download" and "Comment-to-Download" fan acquisition application for SoundCloud® - the first of its kind. It provides music artists with a radically new tool to build long-term success for their music through active growth of their fan base and fan engagement. Listeners simply pay for music downloads with social currency including SoundCloud Follows, Comments, and Track Likes. With a popular song, any artist can quickly gain thousands of new, real and engaged SoundCloud followers with hundreds of comments and track likes.

Hypeddit ads tremendous value to all musical genres and has seen particularly rapid adoption by EDM producers around the globe, including Beatport Top 10 artists releasing on labels such as Spinnin Records, Toolroom, Defected, Ministry of Sound, Strictly Rhythm, Skint, CR2 and many more.

And the best thing: Hypeddit is for free to get started!

"Why isn't there are a better way for artists to build long-term success on SoundCloud?" said Brooklyn-based John Gold, founder of Hypeddit, about the launch. "I have asked myself that question when I started promoting my own music online. I think it's time to disrupt the tools we use to promote our music and DJ sets. That is exactly why I am extremely excited to launch Hypeddit - a fan growth engine for SoundCloud artists and a fantastic free music discovery platform for music fans and DJs! Funny enough: we only developed our slogan "Rocket Fuel for Your SoundCloud® Profile" when we saw how unbelievably successful our tool worked for our initial users who quickly gained thousands of engaged fans with their music."

Hypeddit takes a unique spot in the music marketing landscape:

* To increase their public stats many artists have tried adding fake fans and listens to their SoundCloud profiles but now recognize that this is a complete waste of time and money: there is zero long-term benefit because fake fans will never listen to, share, buy their music, or go to their shows.

* Facebook's popular 'Like-to-Download' function has been disabled to force account holders into paid promotions for their Facebook fan pages. Also, the value of a Facebook fan to a music artist has almost decreased to zero since Facebook does not push new posts to all of an artist's Facebook fans unless the artist pays even more to promote each new post.

* Hypeddit, on the other hand, is completely free to get started. And is helps artists to grow a fan base on SoundCloud, the most valuable platform for music artists due to an entirely music focused audience and a 100% distribution rate of new tracks or mixes by an artist to all of his or her followers.

* Hypeddit also helps to spread its artists' music by giving all listeners the tools to share sounds on various social networks. And the most successful sounds make it into the Hypeddit Top 100 Free Download Charts for another boost in exposure!

ABOUT HYPEDDIT.COM: is a fan acquisition platform for music artists on SoundCloud. Founded in 2014 by Brooklyn, New York-based BeatCanteen LLC, provides music artists with innovative tools and techniques to promote their music and artist profiles for long-term success, and music fans and DJs with a free music discovery platform.

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